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VaxSyna, INC is presenting at Seed Showcase, part of the Biotech Showcase™ 2022 conference. Our pitch video introduces our patented vaccine platforms and our lead product, a broadly-protective HPV vaccine candidate.

VaxSyna, INC presented a rapid-fire pitch at the AZAdvances Life Sciences Innovation Showcase and won 3rd place in the 'Seed Stage' category.

VaxSyna, LLC was named a winner of the Innovate Children's Health Challenge (ICHC), an innovation contest run by the Center for Advancing Innovation (CAI) and funded by the Resonance Philanthropies of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

The VaxSyna Team

Mary Pardhe, PhD

Co-founder and Inventor

- Co-inventor of the Universal RIC Vaccine Platform

- Co-first author of a RIC/VLP synergy research paper

- Science and business experience

Kaitlyn Morse, PhD


- Created vaccine against anaplasmosis

- Co-inventor of laser adjuvant

- Founder of a Biotechnology non-profit

Joseph Hunter, MS


- Co-founder and CSO of other start-up companies.

- Spearheading current HPV research

- NSF Fellow

Hugh Mason, PhD

Inventor and Advisor

- Associate Professor at ASU

- Pioneer of plant made vaccines

- Inventor of the RIC platform

Kate Tulenko, MD, MPH


- Physician and health workforce expert

- Board Chair of Corvus Health

- Served as Director of USAID’s CapacityPlus project

Travis Whitfill, MPH


- Associate research scientist at Yale

- Founder and CEO of Azitra

- Healthcare solutions investor

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